About Will Portis

Will Portis began his career in art while still in high school as a display artist for the Goodrich Tire & Rubber Company. Since then he has created hundreds of works of art, both commercially and as a private fine artist. Mr. Portis is an accomplished portrait artist as well as a master of landscape art. In addition to his paintings on canvas, Mr. Portis’ work can be seen on the numerous murals he has completed over the years.

Will Portis, who describes his style as “natural realism” and “abstract realism” has been hailed as a modern renaissance artist by many. His paintings have been noted for their dramatic lighting and bringing out the character of his subjects.

Mr. Portis attended the University of Akron for Fine and Commercial Arts and holds a Masters Degree in education. In addition to being a working artist, Mr. Portis is also available for private instruction.